Hi, i’m Froi, an OFW currently working in Singapore. The very reason I created this site is merely to share ideas, and as my platform of advocacy on ‘Financial Literacy’.

Being an OFW and being a son of an OFW myself where my father worked in the Middle East for almost 20 years, I have learn some valuable lessons of being in this status.

Most of the articles and post written are practical and my down to earth personal opinion that I also learned through other different sources.

After reading books from famous authors like Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Brother Bo Sanchez (How to be Truly Rich), T Harv Eker (Millionaire Mind) and Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) which are known Self-Help guru as well as Financial Literacy Advocates, I became aware of what situation in life that I am into and the reality of the current world we are into specially in our financial status in life.
It is only through awareness of the kind of financial situation that the world we live in and how this turn of global events would eventually affect our life one way of the other will also be the very same reason that we can either decide now, not in the future, of what we can do responsibly to change our way of thinking, our mindset and our actions towards a better future not just for us but for our family and love ones as well.
It’s just either we accept our current situation and just go through the flow of this world and suffer the consequences of it in the end.
Or to make that firm decision and to gain knowledge on how we can change our lives and mindset and to try our best to learn the different skills that will eventually help us to gain Financial Freedom.


Below, I have declared this site Vision and Mission.



To teach and reach as many Pinoy to learn the concept of ‘Financial Literacy’ online, thus to change their mindset, help improve their lives, and provide a secure and brighter future for their loved ones.



To use technology positively through an online approach in teaching and being an advocate of ‘Financial Literacy’.