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The challenges of an OFW

How many of overseas Filipino worker had the mindset of being nationalistic during their younger years and would not even desire or even dream of working overseas and be far away from where they were use to? They always believe that staying in the country of their birth for the rest of their life is the most noble thing to do to show their nationalism, but why suddenly this kind of mindset will eventually changed overtime.

I believe that there are a lot of OFWs out there who doesn’t even plan to work overseas or abroad specially during a time when their career and job roles would just give them enough income to live their daily lives.

Although not all but majority of OFWs,  are force  or have no choice but to work overseas or abroad, due to an ever growing demand to support their family, whether you are the bread winner father or mother, having a growing expenses of your loved ones and the only options available to survive and to provide would be this last resort.

Being far away from your loved one is the first major challenge for OFWs and how could you imagine that you are already in the comfort of living on the things and the kind of environment that you are already used to. However  there are also some instances when OFWs who were expose in the way of life overseas would also have some good positive impact on them as they would learn the correct attitude of the local citizenry of the host country that they are working. But still the sad reality of being far away from home and specially from your family is a very big challenge and adjustment to deal with.

When OFWs start to work overseas, the next challenge is the financial discipline and mindset both by the OFWs and their families back home. The first thing that will both come to mind for OFWs and his family would be the good life that they can enjoy as they can suddenly experience a larger buffer to spend for some leisure and things that they could not and have not experience prior to a family member working abroad. We can say maybe that it is but normal that sometimes we should also enjoy the fruits of our hard work and having an extra money really tempt us to buy some material things that give some excitement both for OFWs and their family members. But again the challenge is that on how far such kind of a loose financial mindset should end and should stop both for OFWs and their families. I believe both OFWs and their family members should at least have to go a certain period that they should slow down the spending habit or out of focus financial mindset and begin the process of reflection and reality that there is also a need to prepare for the future and not just to enjoy the ‘Now’. The answer to this would be for both to learn the concept of ‘Financial Literacy’.

The next and third challenge would be for both the OFWs and their family members to live in a moral straight path of life. Again let us emphasize that this does not happen to all OFWs and their families but just an observation that for some goes through such .  It’s likely that they go into a kind of situation when both the effect of having some extra money and being far away from their love one is a tempt that some goes into the path of forgetting the values and morals that they once had when they just have enough in life and were together. It is very much important that each and family members and the OFWs themselves should have establish a great foundation of trust, love and moral values that even if they are separated with their family, still the moral values and love will retain their correct path in life.

There are too many challenges for OFWs to mention but the three above are the ones that we had observed are just one of the major list of those challenges.

It’s not an easy path of being an OFWs, as the mentioned challenges above will be experience by an OFWs and their family along the way. But we believe the only way that we can overcome such challenges is that we just merely focus on always asking ourselves the ‘BIG WHY’ on the reasons that we are doing the sacrifice to be far apart from our family. And as long as we always reflect on this ‘BIG WHY’ in our mind, definitely ‘TRUE LOVE’ will always rule out those challenges and will guide us to better and straight path in life.

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