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Forum site for Pinoy Investors Tambayan

We have created a seperate Forum site for ‘Pinoy Investors Tambayan’ which is available on this url/link –

It would be a healthy discussion to share some of your insights to different topics that relates to investments strategies applicable for Pinoys.

However it would take a while before this forum to gather some engaging contributors which is a challenge on how we’ll be able to dessiminate for the site to appear on the different search site in the internet.

One thing that we’ll make this forum different from the rest of Pinoy investment forum would be the following points:

– Make the discussion forum topic simple and lesser.
– Avoid child topic forum discussion that are irrelevant to the main topic.
– Avoid so many child topic that only points, relates or redundant to the parent forum topic.
– Encourage healthy discussion through a well manage, balance and moderated discussion.

We belive that the following points stated above will let this forum site be highly engaging and a simpler approach for the forum guest and registered users.

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