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PSE (Philipine Stock Exchange) Online Charts

This is an online tools/site/links that you may use for your Philippine Stocks monitoring.
Below is the PSE link.
‘Search for Securities’ (Search Box)
Type for the ticker  eg. ME or the company name ‘Jollibee’
The different tabs will appear .
Security Information
Historical Data
Corporate Disclosures
Click on the ‘Chart’ tab
If  you wish to use other CHART type like MACD.
Put a check on ‘Show  MACD’ box under ‘Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) column as shown on the sample screenshot below  then click ‘[Update Chart]’ on the upper right part.
MACD Chart
The MACD chart will then appear on the different charts. You can ‘Zoom’ in by choosing the different options.

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