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What is Financial Freedom for you?

The word freedom would really mean a lot depending on what particular situation or cases the word will be use.
However on this article, we will just focus more on ‘Financial Freedom’  as the main purpose of this site is to provide different articles and topic pertaining to different strategies on investment, particularly for Pinoys.
Financial Freedom is not just having a lot of money, because even a lottery winner also experience a similar situation, as someone who win a lottery jackpot can have lots of cash and money overnight. And also applies to those who are already rich as well, wherein they have lots of cash and money coming in from their different business and investments.
Financial Freedom is also not about having the cash and money to spend on everything you want, again even the lottery winner can do that in some ways though not at all he wanted to buy, the rich and those who have big business and investment can do the same.
Financial Freedom is some sense is yes maybe a little bit like those mentioned above, having lot of money and the ability to buy anything you want with the kind of purchasing power of having a lot of cash.
But honestly, how much is a lot of cash? From a begar who almost has nothing and suddenly receive a large alms, from this point of view that is a lot of cash, as a businessman who suddenly hit a big business deal and turn to a very big return of investment (ROI), well he can consider that situation to provide a lot of cash. To a middle class employee receiving their annual bonuses after working hard for the whole year, that is suddenly a lot of cash going to their pocket.
But writing this article we can consider ‘Financial Freedom’ on a bulleted opinion, as Financial Freedom is when:
– You don’t have the headache and stress of some of your unwanted/unnecessary debts (there are good debt and there is bad debt, when you are financially free, you have more of the good debt)
– Being financially free is also having some business or investment problems, but more of a problem that you preferred that is totally related to your business or a productive activity (which you have accepted such kind of problems as appropriate and acceptable and you have already rid out of those not align problems in your life).
– Financial Freedom is also having a peace of mind despite the problems and challenges, trials that you still encounter (this as you have already in a point that you have chosen your battle well).
– Being financially free is having a good stream of income according to the standard of life that you have chosen (meaning it’s not how small or big your business or investment is, but this is more that you have decided the kind of lifestyle that are already satisfied and secure with what you are earning).
You see ‘Financial Freedom’ can have a different perspective depending on the choice and mindset that you have.  But one thing for sure we should have a mindset of having ‘Financial Freedom’ in our life, and whether you choose on a different path or strategy on how you will achieve it for sure, one thing for sure, we need to develop this kind of mindset as this is one way that we will begin to be more responsible and secured in our financial lives as well as stop a kind of mindset that we just depend on the government or our salaried income for us to live our lives in a daily grind basis.
Financial Freedom is thinking and planning ahead for our future for us to have that peace of mind for our lives and the lives of our love ones.

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