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Basic Lessons on Stock Trading Platform – Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis

Age is not an issue when you are trying to venture into entrepreneurship, learning new investment endeavors as well as trying new business as well.
We maybe in our middle or for some in our retiree age, specially those who are on their serious ventures into business, it’s the age that you are trying to search out the kind of vehicle and/or business you are really into.
You may have attended different forums, watch some online videos, purchases some business program whether online or offline, and many different ways, tried to get involve yourself into getting some training like real estate or forex etc. etc.
Though some may find that attending different training, webinars or actually venturing into a lot of thing is something negative and they will most probably brand you as ‘Jack of all trade, master of none’, but actually there was this advise from an online business guru. It’s ok, and it’s normal, as long as you don’t burn yourself too much, since this is only a way for you to quest out what really passionate you, your interest, what kind of skills and learning will really fits you uniquely.
And it’s a good thing, because  you are just seeking out the kind of path you want to be, and definitely there will come a point in time that you will realize what you really wanted  to and you are into a path of your dream.
However, one of those business ventures that I observe that most people who love to learn is Stock Trading.
Just to share a simple lessons learning from this endeavor.
There are two kind of doing this venture, one is the “Long-term stock investment” and the other one is the “Active day trading”, but there maybe a third one which is a mix of this two strategy, but however it is mostly categorize into this 2 basic approach.
If you plan to be an ‘Active Stock Trader’, you must learn the basic of ‘Technical Analysis’, and the video below explain at least the basic of doing this.
Technical Analysis
And if you plan to do a ‘Long-Term Stock Investment’ approach, here is a video below explaining the basic of it.
Fundamental Analysis
This is what I can share for now, regarding the basic of venturing into stock trading, I may try to share some learnings and knowledge along the way.

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