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Pinoy vehicle as an answers to flood – H2O Salamander

It’s a new locally Pinoy invention for an amphibious vehicle that can run both in land and water.  As the growing concern of climate change, wherein the Philippines, as it is located near the Pacific Ocean is a subject of a number of visits of typhoon, would be most of the time the first to be hit, as typhoons originating and would first develop from the Pacific Ocean, thus the country would occasionally experience being flooded specially where areas that are densely populated as well as some low lands along it’s path.

In a common flooded situation, every vehicle will most likely will be in  a halt, and becomes useless and drivers will not even dare to pass through flooded roads that is already waist deep, even expensive SUVs will avoid to pass through a flooded area already at this level, even though it can survive and pass through such, but definitely the flood water will still sip in through the interior.

The best that can go through such situation really would be an amphibious vehicle that can really travel above water where the entire vehicle float like a regular water boat.

But amphibious vehicle is not a common thing in the Philippines as many Pinoy are just familiar either with regular land vehicles and boat that is merely use for travel in water.

The Philippine Red Cross does have this amphibious vehicle that they use for search, rescue and relief operation, but they may just have a few number of this kind of vehicle, and definitely the cost of this vehicle is not cheap.

In the youtube video above, the locally Pinoy-made version of an ‘Amphibious’ vehicle which is more adaptive for Pinoy’s occasional rainy and flooded weather was invented by some Filipino Engineers as an answer to our very common problem of frequent flooding. They call this ‘Amphibious’ The H2O Salamander .

From here we can say that the crowdfunding for this endeavor for now is more of an advocacy rather than an investment.

But we still encourage that we should support such a good project intention like this as this is also an answer to some of the basic problems for a common rainy and flooded country like ours.

Eventually there will be an opportunity that such innovation and a local invention just like this after it has proven it’s purpose and functionality will also become an investment opportunity to be develop further and might also give our country, the Philippines to locally produced more of this and export it to other countries that might also needed the same amphibious vehicle  The H2O Salamander that was proudly Pinoy-made.

For now it’s better that we help on the advocacy of this endeavor first.  – Mobility for Change: The H2O Salamander.

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