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Soldivo Funds – Wealth Management & Market Update 2015 by Rex Mendoza

It was an eye opener for me to attend to Sir Rex Mendoza’s seminar last night at the IMG Lucky Plaza office in Orchard (Singapore). As a permanent residence in Singapore, I had the privilege and opportunity to learn different investing and attended other training of different techniques, tools and vehicles on how to invest (Forex,Options Futures etc. etc) which Singapore is a country where it’s government really push to educate and encourage it’s citizen the awareness and importance of investing for their future. I was inclined to further study ‘Option Trading’, a little bit more complicated strategy of stock trading which is only available to a limited countries and Singapore is one of them.

But as I attended Sir Rex Mendoza’s training, he clearly explained the many advantage and reasons that the Philippine Economy has today as an emerging market. He also gave some full details and further explanation in a way that ordinary investor would understand why it is much easier to invest in a mutual fund than having the hard time to understand the technicalities of playing with the stock market by your own.

What I can say is last night seminar by Sir Rex Mendoza gave me a 360 turn of understanding my investment strategy.


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